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EmbraerX Beacon

EmbraerX, who we are

EmbraerX is a market accelerator, an arm of Embraer, the 3rd largest aircraft manufacturer in the world, that builds disruptive new businesses that transform how people engage with the world.

Much of the world is fragmented and people are looking to belong to ecosystems and networks where value creation is equally shared across all communities. EmbraerX aims to design for this changing mindset and help users cut through the complexity.

Beacon, effortlessly connecting the aviation ecosystem

We are developing a digital multi sided business platform, named Beacon: the world’s first Customer Success Aviation Maintenance Platform, that empowers users to seamlessly connect with one another in a whole new way and keep airplanes flying.

Our brand is driven by employees who are committed to develop innovative products, services and solutions that enable aviation companies and professionals to work smarter and more efficiently. The team is guided by the values of human-centered design and you would be collaborating with colleagues who come from diverse trans-disciplinary and cross-cultural backgrounds.

To learn more about Beacon: https://www.beacon.works/

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    Beacon, connecting people and resources to keep planes flying